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Wedding Art

Are you looking for something unique that will serve as a lasting memory of your special day? 

I’m a fine art photographer and I would love to create a work of art inspired by your wedding. With the images I capture during your special day I will be able to compose an abstract and impressionist artwork. A piece of art inspired by your wedding, which will also fit perfectly into your home. Rather than simply having a blown up wedding portrait you will have something far more artistic, unusual and eye catching on your wall. It will be your romantic story in art.

As a fine art photographer I let my surroundings inspire my creativity. I would love to be inspired by the atmosphere around your wedding, the love, the setting, your family and friends and the special details that make the day so unique to you. Choosing art it is always difficult, a test for any couple due to differing preferences and views, but art created at your own wedding makes it easy to agree on the perfect piece for you both.

Wedding Gift

It is always nice to give a wedding gift that is personal and will still be remembered ten, twenty, even fifty years after the wedding. But the trouble is, it’s so hard to think of a gift that meets that requirement. People often just end up giving household appliances maybe even a holiday or some money. All not particularly exciting and not something which will last as long as you would like. 

A piece of wedding artwork is a perfect gift if you are looking for something unique and personal and that can be treasured for a lifetime. It would be an ideal item to add to your wish list as a joint gift suggestion for a group of friends or family.




How I Work

Using the images I capture during your special day I will be able to compose a beautiful and unique piece of art. As a Fine Art photographer I let my surroundings inspire my creativity. I would love to be inspired by the atmosphere of your wedding; the love, the setting, your family and friends and the special details that make the day so unique to you. I’m driven by the desire to mould colours, light and movement. Playing with the blurred line between photography and painting, reality and the imaginary, excites and inspires me. My artwork is often surrealistic with a painterly look. Photographing feels like painting to me, using the camera as the brush and my surroundings as paint.

Your image is carefully printed on archival fine art paper of exhibition quality and finished to a very high standard. You can choose between mounting and framing for the final presentation of the artwork. The print can either be mounted on dibond with an elegant plexiglass finish or stylishly framed in wood behind museum glass. Both options has UV protection and comes fully finished and ready to hang on your wall. Its uniqueness will catch any eye both in a modern as well as a classical setting.



A Wedding Artwork starts at €2.250

This includes:

  • Pre consultation session (in person or via Skype)
  • Photographing on your venue
  • Proof print of the artwork
  • A fully finished ready to hang artwork in the frame size 60 x 90 cm accompanied with a certificate of authenticity


About Me

I’m born in Amsterdam shortly after my parents migrated there from China. Although I was raised in Holland the influences of my Chinese background remain strong. For 8 years I went to Chinese school every Saturday where I learnt to read and to write in Chinese. I particularly love Chinese ancient poetry, where the composition of rhyme feels like music and I enjoy using traditional bamboo brushes to practice Chinese calligraphy. As a child, I was also drawn to the harmony within Chinese traditional ink wash paintings, with their subtle yet vivid brush strokes and varying degrees of ink intensity. I still often find myself carried away by those imaginary scenes.

Although my parents came from China, they weren’t the only members of my family to have migrated abroad and I’m used to traveling far and wide with my mum and brothers to visit family. This has in turn widened my horizons and given me a broad perspective. Other cultures have always fascinated me and I’m eager to explore more of the world. My cultural duality has shaped who I’m today, how I see things and the way in which I express myself in photography.

From an early age, I started to play with compact cameras and loved going through her mum’s black and white studio portraits from the sixties. Later I discovered the SLR cameras and found I could play with different objectives, combining apertures and shutter speeds and this opened up a whole new world to me. However, for a long time photography remained a much loved hobby and I chose to study a more practical degree in Business Economics. Immediately after finishing this bachelors degree I worked in banking and lived abroad for a few years. After a decade working in the financial industry, it was finally the right time for me to follow my passion for fine art photography.

Fine Art Photographer

Five years ago I started to exhibit my fine art photography work in the Netherlands. My first international recognition came in 2015 when I participated to the most prestigious Curated Photo Festival (Contact Photography Festival) in Toronto.  Following this breakthrough I continue to present my work both in The Netherlands and internationally. I have participated in many other festivals and art fairs including the Affordable Art Fair and was nominated for the ‘Rabo Talent Prize’. I have also exhibited in Museums such as Hilversum Museum and the Van Abbemuseum.
Hilversum, The Netherlands
+31 (6) 21 22 28 23



Hopefully you have found all the information you need here, but if you still have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me:

+31 (0) 621222823

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