Wedding Photography



Pre and Post wedding Shoot

Pre Wedding or Engagement Shoot

In addition to Wedding Art I also offer pre and post wedding photography. Why a pre wedding shoot? The actual wedding day is just so busy for the couple, they want to be able to enjoy themselves, and have time to talk to family and friends. A pre wedding shoot is far more relaxed and free from time restrictions. You could also take opportunity of choosing a different location, like an abandoned building, the beach or a city centre, giving the photos a dramatic backdrop. You could even choose a theme for the shoot, maybe one that represents your relationship from a different aspect.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to use those photographs as part of your invitation?

Post Wedding Shoots 

Post wedding shoots are really fun to do. Some people opt to do it straight after the wedding because it was just too stressful on the day itself to relax and enjoy having their photos taken, or because the weather let them down on the wedding day itself. It’s so much more relaxed to do a shoot on a different day. There are none of the wedding day restrictions or time constraints. 

It’s also an incredibly romantic way to celebrate your anniversary. A moment to relive your wedding day and all the beautiful memories held within. It’s wonderful to have the chance to remind each other why you said “I do” and celebrate being together. And of course, it’s a great excuse to wear the most expensive dress in your wardrobe again!



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